Sunday, May 23, 2021

Lake Air 2114


Segment One

Barr Trail by Stanley Clarke and Bill Shields
CD: Shieldstone (Optimism)

St Tropez Highway by Horizont
CD: White Clouds (LaserLight)

Even Love by Trapezoid
CD: Moon Run (Narada)

Real Life by Ray Obiedo
CD: Sticks and Stones (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

First Out by Eric Essix
CD: Second Thoughts (Nova)

Forward Motion by Craig Anderton
CD: Forward Motion (Narada)

Are You Lonely Now? by Boy on a Dolphin
CD: Words Inside (Modern)

Wildlife Refuge by Ric Swanson
CD: Windsock (American Gramaphone)

Segment Three

Night People by Mike Sims
CD: Wake Me at Sunset (JVC)

Ursa Major by Kit Watkins
CD: Azure (Linden)

Someday We'll All be Free by Billy Mitchell
CD: In Focus (Optimism)

The Real Me by Steve Cole
CD: Spin (Narada)

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