Saturday, May 8, 2021

Lake Air 2112


Segment One

Red Light by David P. Stevens
Digital Album: Evolution (self-released)

The Lighthouse by Wayne Gratz
CD: Follow Me Home (Narada)

On My Way Home to You by Michael Franks
CD: One Bad Habit (Warner Brothers)

Coast to Coast by Colors in Motion
CD: Secrets (1201)

Segment Two

The Jungle by Jonathan Fritzen
CD: Fritzenized (Nordic Night)

Icarus by Jamie Findlay
CD: Wings of Light (Fine Arts)

A Different Shade of Blue by Jeff Beal
CD: Objects in the Mirror (Triloka)

The Score by Ed Calle
LP: Night Games (Epic)

Segment Three

Restoration by Bob James
CD: Grand Piano Canyon (Warner Brothers)

Imposters by Darryl Alexander
CD: Coast to Coast (Prestige)

Get Close to My Love by Jennifer Holliday
CD: Get Close to My Love (Geffen)

Passages by Stan Samole
CD: Stan Samole (Jazz Inspiration)

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