Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2023


Segment One

Kiss Me Right by The Harper Brothers
CD: Remembrance (Verve)

Harbor No Illusions by Peter Bernstein
CD: What Comes Next (Smoke Sessions)

Segment Two

If You're Blue by The Yoko Miwa Trio
CD: Keep Talkin' (Ocean Blue Tear)

You Are Too Beautiful by John Dokes
Digital Album: True Love (Rondette)

Sophisticated Lady by The Teddy Charles Trio
CD: Three for Duke (Jubilee)

Segment Three

My Ideal by Ian Hendrickson-Smith
Digital Album: Party of Three (Rondette)

Pawn Ticket by Johnny Smith
CD: The New Johnny Smith Quartet (Rhino)

Lemuria by Joe Farnsworth
CD: TIme to Swing (Smoke Sessions)

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