Monday, November 2, 2020

Lake Air 2023


Segment One

Picture This by Marion Meadows
CD: Pleasure (Discovery)

Dreaming at the Wheel by Sam Cardon
CD: Serious Leisure (Airus)

Freeze This Moment by Bernard Oattes
CD: Frame by Frame (Cloud)

The Traveler by Brandon Fields
CD: The Traveler (Nova)

Segment Two

Time Flies by Brian Culbertson
Digital Album: XX (BCM)

1989 Time Sharing by Francesco Bruno
CD: 1989 Time Sharing (Gala)

All This Love by Senri Kawaguchi
CD: Buena Vista (Most Company)

In Due Time by Crossing Point
CD: Point of No Return (Optimism)

Segment Three

Little Secrets by Andy Narell
CD: Little Secrets (Windham Hill)

Hyde Park Bench by Lawrence Blatt
CD: Longitudes and Latitudes (self-released)

I'm Here for You by Joe McBride
CD: Texas Hold'em (Heads Up)

Forever Yours by 3rd Force
CD: Force of Nature (Higher Octave)

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