Thursday, November 26, 2020

Jazz and More 11-29-20

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Hour One Segment One

Wind Across the Plains by Ron Cooley
CD: The Ancient and the Infant (American Gramaphone)

Renewal by Oregon
CD: Always, Never and Forever (Intuition)

Facing South by Alex de Grassi
CD: The World's Getting Loud (Windham Hill)

Hour One Segment Two

The Way of the River by Rhonda Larson
CD: Distant Mirrors (self-released)

China Roses by Enya
CD: The Memory of Trees (Reprise)

Windell by Nightnoise
CD: At the End of the Evening (Windham Hill)

Hour One Segment Three

Rainy Afternoon by Frank Wess
CD: The Frank Wess Quartet (Original Jazz Classics)

Night of Nisan by David "Fathead" Newman
LP: Straight Ahead (Atlantic)

Hour One Segment Four

Thou Swell by Hampton Hawes
Blues Too Much by John Mehegan
How About You? by Paul Smith
CD: I Just Love Jazz Piano (Savoy)

Hour Two Segment One

A Chunk of Sugar by Roger
CD: The Many Facets of Roger (Warner Brothers)

Better Believe It by David Sanborn
CD: As We Speak (Warner Brothers)

Greener Grass by Joe Sample
CD: Voices in the Rain (MCA)

Hour Two Segment Two

A Call for Peace by Frank Kohl
Digital Album: Solitude (self-released)

Wonderful Girl by Gene Bertoncini and Michael Moore
CD: Two in Time (Chiaroscuro)

Land's End by Billy Bean
CD: The Trio (Fresh Sound)

Hour Two Segment Three

Adagio Dolente by Paul Speer
CD: Collection 991: Music and Art (Miramar)

Red Roadster by Tangerine Dream
CD: Rockoon (Miramar)

Hour Two Segment Four

Miniyamba by Derek Gripper
CD: Libraries on Fire (New Cape)

The Path From Gabou by Seckou Keita
CD: 22 Strings (ARC)

Hour Three Segment One

Grand Central by Warren Wolf
CD: Wolfgang (Mack Avenue)

The Woody Woodpecker Song by The Steve Hobbs Quartet
CD: Vibes Straight Up (Challenge)

Headache by Lionel Hampton and Stan Getz
CD: Hamp and Getz (Verve)

Hour Three Segment Two

Then There Were Four by Isotope
CD: Isotope (Esoteric)

Black Hole by Electromagnets
CD: Electromagnets (Rhino)

Fontanen by Lotus
CD: Vera O'flera (DuckYourMusic)

Hour Three Segment Three

Just in Love by John Bolivar
CD: Bolivar (Optimism)

A Time for Peace by Ivory Sessions
CD: A Time for Peace (Maranatha!)

Chelsea by Bob Somma and John Campbell
CD: Technicolours (Maranatha!)

Hour Three Segment Four

Shaker Lakes by Jim Brickman
CD: No Words (Windham Hill)

The Horse by Mark Pinkus
CD: Free Spirit (Avalon)

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