Saturday, November 16, 2019

Lake Air 1926


Segment One

Getaway by Steve Laury
CD: Passion (Denon)

Between the Lines by Davol
CD: Paradox (Silver Wave)

Sally by Sade
CD: Diamond Life (Epic)

Let's Get Close by Brian Simpson
CD: Above the Clouds (Rendezvous)

Segment Two

First Fight by Dirk Richter
CD: Vibes Alive (Sin-Drome)

Turning by Bob Read
CD: Piano Solos (Narada)

Moon and Sand by John Proulx
CD: Moon and Sand (Maxjazz)

Tropical by Jeff Lorber
CD: In the Heat of the Night (Arista)

Segment Three

Buenos Aires by Najee
CD: Tokyo Blue (EMI)

Ante Meridian by Doug Smith
CD: Sunday Morning Coffee II (American Gramaphone)

Don't Take Your Time by Erin Bode
CD: Don't Take Your Time (Maxjazz)

Sea Pines by Dave Valentin
CD: Legends (GRP)

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