Saturday, November 9, 2019

Lake Air 1925


Segment One

Everlasting by Will Donato
CD: Universal Groove (Generation)

Night Garden by John Nilsen
CD: Night Garden (self-released)

No Sympathy by Lee Ritenour
CD: Rit (Elektra)

Always Here for You by Brian Simpson
CD: Persuasion (Shanachie)

Segment Two

Illusion by Rodrigo Caracas
Digital Album: Rodrigo Caracas (self-released)

One Red Rose by Fowler and Branca
CD: The Face on Cydonia (Silver Wave)

Sugilite by Jeanne Newhall
EP: Cranes Among Clouds (self-released)

Journey to You by Doug Cameron
CD: Journey to You (Narada)

Segment Three

Sesimbra Sun by Brian Hughes
CD: Straight to You (Higher Octave)

Dias Felices by Rubaja and Hernandez
CD: High Plateau (Windham Hill)

Librarsi by Marcome
CD: Seven Seas (Earth Tone)

High Tide by Richard Souther
CD: Cross Currents (Narada)

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