Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Jazz and More for the Week of 12-08-19

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Hour One Segment One

Short Politician by Paul Horn
Double CD: The Sound of Paul Horn/Profile of a Jazz Musician (Collectables)

Love Theme From "Spartacus" by Yusef Lateef
CD: Eastern Sounds (Prestige/OJC)

When Joanna Loved Me by Paul Desmond
CD: Easy Living (RCA)

Hour One Segment Two

All the Things You Are by Pet Metheny
CD: Question and Answer (Geffen)

Lazybird by James Williams
CD: Meet the Magical Trio (Emarcy)

Hour One Segment Three

Black Garden View by Christopher Franke
CD: Pacific Coast Highway (Private Music)

Nostalgia by Yanni
CD: Keys to Imagination (Private Music)

Another Road by Jim Jacobsen
CD: The Messenger (Narada)

Hour One Segment Four

Climbing in Geometry by William Ackerman
CD: Conferring With the Moon (Windham Hill)

Mile High Country by Michael Gulezian
CD: The Dare of an Angel (Timbreline)

Hour Two Segment One

Laura by Eric Alexander
CD: Straight Up (Delmark)

Daahoud by Wallace Roney
CD: No Job Too Big or Small (Savoy)

Hour Two Segment Two

Windmill by Lee Ritenour
CD: Portrait (GRP)

Please Don't Stay by Tania Maria
CD: Forbidden Colors (Capitol)

Out of the Blue by Andy Narell
CD: Down the Road (Windham Hill)

Hour Two Segment Three

Legends by David Hewitt
CD: The Storyteller (Gresham)

Diambadon by Kassumai
CD: Senegal Urban Rhythms (ARC)

Guragigna by Krar Collective
CD: Ethiopia Super Krar (Riverboat)

Hour Two Segment Four

Tempest by Jesse Cook
CD: Tempest (Narada)

Fantasia Suite for Two Guitars by Al di Meola
CD: Casino (Columbia)

Traditional Caracoles by Los Romeros
CD: World of Flamenco (Decca)

Hour Three Segment One

Isfahan by Sara Caswell
CD: First Song (Double-Time)

Take Five by Deborah Henson-Conant
CD: Round the Corner (Laika)

Joshua by Dave Young
CD Box Set: Piano-Bass Duets: The Complete Sessions (Justin Time)

Hour Three Segment Two

Let's Put it Like This by Philip Catherine
LP: Stream (Warner Brothers)

Carbon Dioxide by Alphonse Mouzon
CD: Mind Transplant (Blue Note)

Intergalactic Strut by Colosseum II
CD: Electric Savage (One Way)

Hour One Segment Three

Money by Danny Monzerol
CD: Pink Floyd's the Dark Side of the Moon for Classical Guitar (self-released)

I Knew it Was You by Ralph Towner
CD: Ana (ECM)

Bay of Kings by Steve Hackett
CD: Bay of Kings (Lamborghini)

Hour Three Segment Four

Playground by Henry Adam Curtis
Children's Song by Oystein Sevag
CD: Windham Hill Records Piano Sampler Vol. II (Windham Hill)

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