Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sounds From the Global Village 1717


Segment One

Raga JhinJhoti by Aditya Verma
CD: Sarod Traditional Music From India (Oliver Sudden Productions)

Segment Two

Lyretambura et Chant by Momahed al Koek
CD: Yemen: Music From the Heart of Arabia (Buda Musique)

Gourmantche Praise Song by Anonymous Performers
CD: Burkina Faso: Rhythms of the Grasslands (Nonesuch)

Las Tabletas by La Banda Ibanez
CD: Guerra de las Puntas (Musical Productions)

Segment Three

Tufike Apa by Gazza
MP3 Album: Namibian Annual Music Awards 2014 (NAMA)

Domhnall Mac ic Iain by Mary Jane Lamond
CD: Suas e! (Wicklow)

Rawagu by Bernard Uedre
CD: World Reggae (Putumayo World Music)

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