Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sounds From the Global Village 1716


Segment One

Mbore by Sayon Camara
MP3 Album: Guinee Hits Music Vol. 2 (Guinee HIT Music)

Kravnay Chorn Chup by The Pinpeat Orchestra
CD: The Music of Cambodia Vol. 1: 9-Gong Gamelan (Celestial Harmonies)

La Pampa y la Puna by Manzanita u Su Conjunto
LP: Manzanita y Su Conjunto (Infopesa)

Segment Two

Crossings by Alan Dargin and Michael Atherton
CD: Cross + Hatch: Didjeridu + Percussion (Black Sun)

Koya Mo Were We Baramu by Wayo
CD: Trance Percussion Masters of South Sudan (Riverboat)

Cascada by Nicolas Caballero
CD: The Paraguayan Harp (self-released)

Segment Three

Left Foot Dance of the Yi by Shanren
CD: Left Foot Dance of the Yi (Riverboat)

Bambra Soy by Simo Lagnawi
CD: The Berber Gnawa (Riverboat)

Risteys by Kardemimmit
MP3 Album: Introducing Kardemimmit (World Music Network)

El Menor by Andre Veloz
CD: Los Trovadores Vol. 2 (TMP)

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