Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lake Air 1717


Segment One

An Endless Afternoon by Mike Levine
CD: Thinking of You (Downtimes Productions)

Synopsis by William Ackerman
CD: Past Light (Windham Hill)

Skylark by Kristin Chenoweth
CD: The Art of Elegance (Concord)

Drive by Clifford Charles
CD: Songs From Deep Within (Yazara Music)

Segment Two

Travelogue by David Boswell
CD: Windows (My Quiet Moon)

The Triumph by Scott Cossu
CD: She Describes Infinity (Windham Hill)

Where Am I Going? by Gino Vannelli
CD: Storm at Sunup (A&M)

Uzuri by Catalyst
LP: Perception (Muse)

Segment Three

Miles Style by Wayne Gutshall
CD: Spicy! (Spicy Music)

The Night We Called it a Day by Kei Kobayashi
CD: Softly (Somethin' Else)

I Can't Help it by Drew Davidsen
CD: True Drew (Oznot)

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