Saturday, January 13, 2024

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2401


Segment One

Five Circles by Vangelis
CD: Chariots of Fire (Polydor)

Broken Arrow Drive by Liz Story
CD: Escape of the Circus Ponies (Windham Hill)

Sea Woman by Mary McLaughlin
CD: Daughter of Lir (Gourd)

Ebony Wind by Shadowfax
CD: Magic Theater (Windham Hill)

Dragon's Daughter by David Lanz and Paul Speer
CD: A Childhood Remembered (Narada)

Across the Seasons by Jon Richards
Digital Album: Midwinter (898292 Records DK)

Segment Two

Fantasia Suite for Two Guitars by Al di Meola
CD: Casino (Columbia)

Trisolar by Martin Sturtzer
Digital Album: Relativity (self-released)

Forbidden Dance by Lisa Downing
CD: The Wisdom of My Shadow (self-released)

Eternity by Jonathan E. Blake
Digital Album: Serenity (Sine Music)

Inner Eyeglasses by Rom Ryan
CD: Mysteria (self-released)

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