Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Sounds From the Global Village 2018


Segment One

M'Bara Seri by Les Go de Koteba
CD: Les Go de Koteba (I.P.S.)

Chambe de Booti by Faiz Ali Faiz and Titi Robin
CD: Jaadu (Accords Croises)

Yakup Sunqun by Luzmila Carpio
CD: Le Chant de la Terre et des Etoiles (Accords Croises)

Segment Two

Madam Jil by Ti-Coca and Wanga Neges
CD: Haiti Colibri (Accords Croises)

Sidi Koumy by Hamid Kasri
CD: Gnawa Home Songs (Accords Croises)

Tes Gol by O. Otgonkhuu
Double CD: An Anthology of Mongolian Khoomii (Buda Musique)

Segment Three

Dokhtar E Bagh by Mahwash
CD: Ghazals Afghans (Accords Croises)

La Jicara by The Cubarama Orchestra
Double CD: Cuba: The Ultimate Salsa Collection (ARC)

Malaguena a Tres del Dos by Viguela
Double CD: A Tiempo Real (ARC)

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