Saturday, December 26, 2020

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2019


Segment One

The Great White by Erik Wollo
CD: Solstice (Eurock)

My Life With You by Michele McLaughlin
Digital Album: Memoirs (self-released)

Theme From "Harry's Game" by Clannad
CD: Lore: Themes and Dreams (RCA)

The Embrace by Ryan Judd
CD: An Open Sky (self-released)

Phase by Phase by Peter Baumann
CD: Romance 76 (Virgin)

Segment Two

Fly Away by Cory Lavine
CD: Out of the Blue (self-released)

Rainforest by Emerald Web
CD: The Stargate Tapes (B-Music)

Dance to Your Shadow by Kim Robertson
CD: Dance to Your Shadow (Narada)

The Eastlander by Steve McDonald
CD: Spinfield (Hearts of Space)

Crusaders and Jesters by Bob Ardern
Digital Album: Eight Winds (self-released)

I Need to Say This by Kurt Reiman
Digital Album: North Maple Road (self-released)

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