Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2017


Segment One

Playground Memories by Laura McMillan
CD: Storybook Love (self-released)

Rainy Night Lullaby by Reed Maidenberg
CD: Poppies (RhythMythology)

Nilapadma by Georgia Kelly
CD: Seaspace (Global Pacific)

Waiting for the Sun by Kristin Amarie
Digital Album: Silhouettes of Love (Audio and Video Labs)

Mokimbo by Davol
CD: Mystic Waters (Silver Wave)

Segment Two

Ritual Dance by Michael Hedges
CD: Taproot (Windham Hill)

Endless Skies by Kerani
Digital Album: Sands of Time (self-released)

Esotera by Tri Atma
CD: Yearning and Harmony (Fortuna)

Lunar Phase by The Heavenly Music Corporation
CD: Lunar Phase (Silent)

Satori by Tony Scott
CD: Music for Zen Meditation (Verve)

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