Sunday, October 4, 2020

Jazz and More 10-04-20

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Hour One Segment One

Jordu by Tal Farlow
CD: Fuerst Set (Xanadu)

Hour One Segment Two

Twilight Glow by Stewy Von Wattenwyl
CD: In the Giants Garden (Brambus)

Over the Rainbow by The George Otsuka Trio
CD: Last Summer (Nippon)

Hour One Segment Three

New October by John Nilsen
CD: Sometimes Paris (Magic Wing)

What Goes Around by Shadowfax
CD: Too Far to Whisper (Windham Hill)

The Waiting Room by Exchange
CD: Into the Night (Mesa)

Hour One Segment Four

Tryweryn by Gwenno Saunders
House Carpenter by Mick McAuley
CD: Celtic Crossroads (Putumayo)

Hour Two Segment One

Mr. P.C. by John Coltrane
CD: Giant Steps (Atlantic)

Bass Region by Paul Chambers
CD: 1st Bassman (Collectables)

Hour Two Segment Two

Stories to Tell by Stanley Clarke
CD: If This Bass Could Only Talk (CBS)

Metal Fatigue by Allan Holdsworth
CD: Metal Fatigue (Cream)

The Fall of Babylon by Chris Poland
CD: Return to Metalopolis (Irond)

Hour Two Segment Three

Bach: Violin Sonata No. 1 in G Minor by Tomomi Kohno
CD: Oracion (Art_Infini)

Hour Two Segment Four

O'Keeffe by James Newton
CD: Echo Canyon (Celestial Harmonies)

Prologue/Inside by Paul Horn
CD: Inside the Taj Mahal (Kuckuck)

Hour Three Segment One

Part 2A by Keith Jarrett
CD: The Koln Concert (ECM)

Hour Three Segment Two

Moe Honk by Joshua Redman
CD: Round Again (Nonesuch)

Whirling Dervish by Christian McBride
CD: Number Two Express (Verve)

Hour Three Segment Three

You Know My Heart by 3rd Force
CD: 3rd Force (Higher Octave)

Midnight by Chris Spheeris
CD: Desires of the Heart (CBS)

Ritual by Davol
CD: Paradox (Silver Wave)

Hour Three Segment Four

Aurora by Oregon
CD: Distant Hills (Vanguard)

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