Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sounds From the Global Village 2009


Segment One

Ya Annas by Ahmed Abdul-Malik
CD: Jazz Sahara (Riverside)

Ralia Rolia by Sen Svaja
Digital Album: Kraitis Is Pelkes (Dowry From a Swamp) (CPL)

Segment Two

Isivivinyo by Black Umfolosi
CD: Earth Song (ARC)

Aliki Nei by Kalaga'la
CD: Aimons-Nous (Mangrove Productions)

Mi Forma de Vivir by Duquende
CD: Mi Forma de Vivir (K Industria)

Segment Three

If I Could Go Back in Time by DAM and Amal Murkus
Double CD: The Rough Guide to the Music of Palestine (World Music Network)

Ndilila Bwanji by Madetsa Band
Digital Album: Home Made Banjos and Guitars of Southern and Central Malawi (Rootstock)

Seven Hours by Rebecca Pidgeon
CD: The Four Marys (Chesky)

Feliz Sueno by Luis Casal and the Music of Artemio Cordova
Digital Album: Folk Music of Panama (Rootstock)

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