Friday, July 31, 2020

Jazz Progressions 2011


Segment One

Zavana by Marty Fogel
CD: Many Bobbing Heads, at Last... (CMP)

Angle of Incidents by David Torn and Geoffrey Gordon
CD: Best Laid Plans (ECM)

Peril Premonition by Allan Holdsworth
CD: Secrets (Restless)

Segment Two

Pesco Dizzo by Balca Bandanica
Digital Album: Dea Madre (self-released)

Mahlad by Phlox
CD: Keri (MKDK)

Mindshift by Tauk
CD: Collisions (self-released)

Segment Three

Talisman by Gong Expresso
Digital Album: Decadence (John McCracken Music)

Bad Habits by Gongzilla
CD: Suffer (USG)

Expresso by Gone
CD: Gazeuse (Virgin)

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