Sunday, April 26, 2020

Jazz and More 04-26-20

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Hour One Segment One

A Cloud of Red Dust by Stefon Harris
CD: A Cloud of Red Dust (Blue Note)

Days and Night Waiting by Steve Wilson
CD: Passages (Stretch)

Hour One Segment Two

For Clara by Bruce Barth
CD: Don't Blame Me (Double-Time)

How Long Has This Been Going On? by Bill Mays
Digital Album: Mays Plays Mays (No Blooz Music)

Hour One Segment Three

Hanging Gardens Transfer by Michael Hoenig
CD: Departure From the Northern Wasteland (Kuckuck)

In-Kant-Able by John Lakveet
CD: The Force of Reason (Groove Unlimited)

Hour One Segment Four

Hiding Place for the Moon by Antoine Dufour
CD: Existence (Candyrat)

Away by Andy McKee
CD: Joyland (Razor & Tie)

Hour Two Segment One

Pure Imagination by Jim Rotondi
CD: Dark Blue (Smoke Sessions)

The Cyclist by Bobby Watson
CD: Made in America (Smoke Sessions)

Hour Two Segment Two

It's Only a Paper Moon by Stevens, Siegel and Ferguson
CD: Six (Konnex)

Strictly Confidential by Rossano Sportiello
CD: Strictly Confidential (Arbors)

Cute by David Benoit
CD: Standards (Kind of Blue)

Hour Two Segment Three

Breda by Andrew White
CD: The Heart of the Celtic Guitar (White Cloud)

Sundown by William Ellwood
CD: Touchstone (Narada)

Dulce Libertad by Lara and Reyes
CD: Exotico (Higher Octave)

Hour Two Segment Four

Red Balloon by Andy Summers
CD: Mysterious Barricades (Private Music)

Cheyenne by Peter Maunu
CD: Windham Hill Records Guitar Sampler (Windham Hill)

Hour Three Segment One

Mating Drive by Lenny White
CD: Venusian Summer (Wounded Bird)

The Wizard by Mingo Lewis
CD: Flight Never Ending (Wounded Bird)

Hour Three Segment Two

In the Spur of the Moment by Steve Turre
CD: In the Spur of the Moment (Telarc)

Nickels and Dimes by J.J. Johnson
CD: First Place (Sony)

Hour Three Segment Three

In Defense of Guinevere by Judith Pintar
CD: Secrets From the Stone (Narada)

Hour Three Segment Four

Orient Point by Double Image
CD: In Lands I Never Saw (Celestial Harmonies)

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