Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Jazz Progressions 1927


Segment One

Dolphy'ning by Sonny Simmons, Brandon Evans and Kevin Norton
CD: Universal Prayer/Survival Skills (Parallactic)

Straight Up and Down by Eric Dolphy
CD: Out to Lunch (Blue Note)

Drive by Don Friedman
CD: Metamorphosis (Original Jazz Classics)

Segment Two

Freedom Jazz Dance by Miroslav Vitous
CD: Infinite Search (Atlantic)

Regions of Fire by John Klemmer
LP: Eruptions (Cadet)

Segment Three

Can You Follow Me? by Scope
LP: Scope (Atlantic)

Level One by Larry Coryell and Eleventh House
LP: Level One (Arista)

Son of Alma by Wilding and Bonus
CD: Pleasure Signals (Ozone)