Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Jazz Progressions 1926


Segment One

The Up and Down Man by Albert Mangelsdorf
Double CD: Three Originals (MPS)

Dingbats by Mathias Akeo Nowak
Digital Album: Common Ground (Jazzwerkstatt)

Lost and Found by Mike Reed's People, Places and Things
CD: Stories and Negotiations (482 Music)

Segment Two

Jealous by Ant is Fourmi in French
Digital Album: Lux in Tenebris (self-released)

Beeper by Dixon Nacey
Digital Album: The Edge of Chaos (Rattle Jazz)

Segment Three

Exaltation by Caldera
CD: Caldera (Capitol)

Mater Maritima by Companyia Electrica Dharma
CD: L'oucomballa (PDI)