Friday, May 24, 2019

Something Beautiful 1908


Segment One

The World is a Circle by David Francis
LP: The Sound of Strings

Deep Purple by Norrie Paramor
CD: In London, In Love/Autumn

Under the Bridges of Paris by Frank Chacksfield
CD: Glamorous Holiday/Romantic Europe

Swedish Rhapsody by Hill Bowen
LP: Music for Romance

Eres Tu by Percy Faith
CD: New Thing

I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again by Ronnie Aldrich
CD: For the One You Love

It's Only Goodbye by Maurice Larcange
CD: The French Touch/Plays Trenet

Because of You by Beegie Adair
CD: Love Letters

Lujon by American Symphonette Orchestra
LP: The Music of Henry Mancini

This is My Song by Cyril Stapleton
LP: What a Wonderful World

Segment Two

Tell Me Why by Marty Gold
CD: Spotlight on Marty Gold, Vol. 1

Sunrise Serenade by David Rose
LP: Music of the Fabulous Thirties

Last Waltz by Chet Atkins and the Boston Pops
LP: Music for Listening and Relaxation

Standing on the Corner by Felix Slatkin
CD: Spotlight on Felix Slatkin

Somewhere South of Kansas by Curt Shoemaker
CD: The gentle Path

Taking a Chance on Love by Norman Candler
CD: Try a Little Tenderness

Puff, the Magic Dragon by Clebanoff
LP: Today's Best Hits

Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye by The Golden Dream Orchestra
LP: Easy Compilation, Vol. 1

Maria Elena by Los Indios Tabajaras
CD: Marie Elena/Always in My Heart

How Sweet it is to be Loved by You by George Greeley
Triple LP: The Just Beautiful Music Collection

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