Saturday, May 18, 2019

Lake Air 1915


Segment One

With You by Andy Cleaves
CD: Andy Cleaves (Not On Label)

Tingri by Jonn Serrie
CD: Tingri (Miramar)

Fields of Gray by Bruce Hornsby
CD: Harbor Lights (RCA)

Pure Imagination by Bob James

Segment Two

L.I.T. by Riley Richard
Single: L.I.T. (self-released)

Bright Sky by Alex de Grassi
CD: The World's Getting Loud (Windham Hill)

The Color of the Truth by Bill Meyers
CD: The Color of the Truth (Agenda)

Lookin' Good by Eric Gale
CD: Part of You (Columbia)

Segment Three

Valid Dreams by Maz V
CD: Next to You (self-released)

Frog Park by Liz Story
CD: Speechless (Novus)

Running Away From You by Sara K
CD: Water Falls (Stockfish)

Chelsea by Bob Somma and John Campbell
CD: Technicolours (Maranatha! Music)

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