Monday, March 4, 2019

Lake Air 1907


Segment One

Be On the Light by Bill Colletti
CD: Be On the Light (self-released)

A Change in Perspective by Exchange
CD: Into the Night (Audion)

Eye of the Hurricane by David Wilcox
CD: How Did You Find Me Here? (A&M)

Maya by Mark Whitfield
CD: Mark Whitfield (Warner Brothers)

Segment Two

Black Swan by Kenney Polson
CD: For Lovers Only (Prodigee)

China Blue by Eko
CD: Future Primitive (Higher Octave)

Free to Be Me by Lindsey Webster
CD: Love Inside (Shanachie)

Do it For Love by Sherry Winston
CD: Do it For Love (Pausa)

Segment Three

Sample That by Skinny Hightower
CD: Retrospect (Trippin N' Rhythm)

Light Spring Snowfall by Himekami
CD: Snow Goddess (Higher Octave)

She Steps Into a Dream by Ben Sidran
CD: Cool Paradise (Go Jazz)

Turning to You by Paul McCandless
CD: Premonition (Windham Hill)

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