Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sounds From the Global Village 1704


Segment One

Doman en Aquesta Ora by Le Base Duo
CD: Bracat de Bois (Vacation)

Malang Marang by Tata Dindin
CD: The Gambia: New Kora Music (Network Medien)

Hauora by Toni Huata
CD: Te Maori E (self-released)

Segment Two

Love Song From Herat by Abullah and Gholam Sakhi
CD: Afghanistan: A Journey to an Unknown Musical World (Network Medien)

Pampa Lirima by Uaman Flor Nivio
CD: Ciudad de Piedra (Rostok)

City Circle by Ankala
CD: Australia: Rhythms From the Outer Core (Network Medien)

Segment Three

Siguiriyas by Fernanda and Bernarda Utrera
Double CD: Cante Flamenco (Ocora)

Suryong Um by The Seoul Ensemble of Traditional Music
CD: Korea (Network Medien)

Fado by Clannad
Double CD: In a Lifetime: The Best of Clannad (RCA)

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