Monday, March 13, 2017

Sounds From the Global Village 1703


Segment One

Spring Fever by Saagara
CD: 2 (Instant Classic)

Cast a Spell by Emer Kenny
CD: Parting Glass (Artemis)

Njawane by Mokoomba
CD: Luyando (Out Here)

Segment Two

Breath of a Caspian Volcano by Rain Sultanov
CD: Inspired by Nature (Seven Sounds of Azerbaijan) (Ozella Music)

Dombolo by Les Amazones D'Afrique
CD: Republique Amazone (Real World)

Sasurai by Japanese Koto Consort
CD: Japanese Koto Consort (Lyrichord)

Segment Three

Song "Once the Years Were Good" by Hennadiy Melnyk
CD: Melodies of Carpathian Valleys: Traditional Music of Carpathian Shepherds (Vesna Music)

Arastao by Quarteto Em Cy and Tamba Trio
CD: Som Definitivo (Bomba)

Jonon Xariin Yavdal - Joroo Morinii Yavdal by Urtiin Duu
CD: Great Singing From Mongolia (JVC)

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