Friday, January 20, 2017

Sounds From the Global Village 1701


Segment One

Lovers' Plight by Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Kayhan Kalhor
CD: Night Silence Desert (Traditional Crossroads)

The Mountain and the Source by Huong Thanh
CD: Mangustao (ACT)

Ti Moun Mwen by Alberic Louison
CD: Tubes Zouk Strimine 2016 (Zouk Play Production)

Segment Two

My Little Loom by Boris Grebenshikov
Nkosi Sikelela by Alexandra Youth Choir
Mrs. Marriott by Dave Swarbrick
Papel de Plata by Takillacta
CD: Naxos World Sampler: Delivering a World of Music (Naxos)

Segment Three

Kru Song by Unknown Artist
LP Box Set: The African Guitar Box (Mississippi Records)

Flor do Cardo by Aldina Duarte
CD: Cua (EMI)

Thummarri Tez by Salamat Hussain
LP: Enchanting Notes of Flute (Asghar)