Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jazz Progressions 1702


Segment One

Precious One by Teruo Nakamura
Argen's Bag by John McLaughlin
The Mixolydian Highlander by The Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination and Brass
Double LP: The Jazz Rock Album (Polydor)

Segment Two

Home Grown by Ornette Coleman
LP: Body Meta (Artists House)

Stratocruiser by Jack DeJohnette
LP: Cosmic Chicken (Prestige)

High Luminent Silver Patters by Secret Oyster
CD: Straight to the Krankenhaus (Laser's Edge)

Segment Three

Bath Sheba by The Don Rendell-Ian Carr Quintet
Double CD: Phase III/Live (BGO)

Sustained by The Red Trio and John Butcher
LP: Empire (No Business)