Monday, January 4, 2016

Sounds From the Global Village 1601


Segment One

Ze Inacio by Paul Flores
CD: An Afro-Portuguese Odyssey (Putumayo)

Ducks Playing in the Water by Silk and Bamboo Ensemble
CD: Traditional Chinese Music (ARC)

P Stands for Paddy by Shantalla
CD: Shantalla (Green Linnet)

Segment Two

Muneca by Son Boricua
CD: Putumayo Presents: Salsa! (Putumayo)

Hijaz Raks by Omar Faruk Tekbilek
CD: Crescent Moon (Celestial Harmonies)

Man of Sorrow by Majek Fashek
CD: African Reggae (Putumayo)

Segment Three

Sadagora Hot Dub (Shantel Remix) by The Amsterdam Klezmer Band
CD: Gypsy Groove (Putumayo)

Amazon Moon by Guilherme Vergueiro
CD: Amazon Moon (Windham Hill)

Assedic by Les Escrocs
CD: Acoustic France (Putumayo)

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