Monday, January 4, 2016

Lake Air 1601


Segment One

You Know My Heart by 3rd Force
CD: 3rd Force (Higher Octave)

Blue Sky by Kotaro Oshio
CD: Starting Point (Narada)

Body and Soul by Kim Nalley
CD: Ballads for Billie (CE Jazz and Blues)

Trade Winds by Richard Souther
CD: Twelve Tribes (Narada)

Segment Two

Brazil by Kenny G
CD: Paradise (Arista)

Things With Wings by Liz Story
CD: Solid Colors (Windham Hill)

Sliding Away by Bernard Oattes
CD: Frame by Frame (Cloud)

What is This Thing Called Love? by Jeff Linsky
CD: Simpatico (Kamei)

Segment Three

Leeward Sail by Steve Kindler and Teja Bell
CD: Dolphin Smiles (Global Pacific)

Finding Time by Montreux
CD: Let Them Say (Windham Hill)

Father's Song by Dick Gaughan
CD: A Different Kind of Love Song (Folk Freak)

Billy Boy by The Bob James Trio
CD: Take it From the Top (Koch)

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