Friday, May 29, 2015

Sounds From the Global Village 1516


Segment One

Mízán D-dary. Twisya. Brwála, Akáml l-bhá by Ensemble Ibn Baya
CD: Musica Andalusi (Sony Music)

Houdesti by Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal
CD: Chamber Music (No Format)

Rolling on the Sea by Taj Mahal, V.M. Bhatt and N. Ravikiran
CD: Mumtaz Mahal (Water Lilly Acoustics)

Segment Two

'P' Stands for Paddy, I Suppose by Planxty
CD: Cold Blow and the Rainy Night (Shanachie)

Qa Choubi by Mohammed Al Madloul
CD: Choubi Choubi: Folk and Pop Songs From Iraq Vol. 1 (Sublime Frequencies)

Ginha by Dave Pike
LP: Bossa Nova Carnival (Prestige/New Jazz)

Segment Three

Minha Alma de Amor Sedenta by Antonio dos Santos
CD: The Rough Guide to Fado Legends (World Music Network)

La Espuma y la Ola by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
CD: Sin Salsa no Hay Paraiso (Sony)

Gullharpan by Lena Willemark and Ale Muller
CD: Nordan (ECM)

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