Friday, May 8, 2015

Jazz Progressions 1514


Segment One

Inderoy, Part 1 by Han Bennink and Frode Gjerstad
CD: Han & Frode (Cadence Jazz)

Radiator by The Tom Varner Quartet
CD: Tom Varner Quartet (Soul Note)

Segment Two

Nun is Now by Elfferich Four
CD: Eccentricity (Greatwinds)

Mating Drive by Lenny White
CD: Venusian Summer (Wounded Bird)

The Hellical Friction Principal by Network
CD: Highly Committed Media Players (Wenlock)

Segment Three

Card Four: Straight White Royal Flush...78 by Air
LP: Open Air Suit (Arista)

J.E.V. by Jan Garbarek
CD: Triptykon (ECM)

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