Friday, March 8, 2013

The Jazz Scene Playlist: Week of 03-10-13

Segment One

Three Mice Blind by Bob James
CD: Straight Up (Warner Brothers)

Unraveled Plans by John Stein
CD: Bing Bang Boom (Wailing City Sound)

The Simplest Things by Fred Forney
CD: Chasing Horizons (Origin)

Segment Two

Very Early by Howard Alden and Ken Peplowski
CD: Pow-Wow (Arbors)

Byrd Like (Like a Bird) by Suzanne Pittson
CD: Out of the Hub: The Music of Freddie Hubbard (Vineland)

Sky Dive by Freddie Hubbard
CD: This is Jazz, Vol. 25: Freddie Hubbard (Columbia)

Segment Three

Charade by The Waverly Seven
CD: Yo! Bobby (Anzic)

Fix It by John Beasley
CD: A Change of Heart (Windham Hill)

Wail, Frank, Wail by Elmo Hope and Frank Foster
CD: Hope Meets Foster (Original Jazz Classics)

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