Friday, March 8, 2013

Sounds From The Global Village Playlist: Week of 03-10-13

Segment One

Supo Mami Mamulinda by Lidojosais Pakajs With Ieva Akuratere
CD: Best of Folk Music From Latvia (ARC)

Chingo by Mamadou Ly
CD: African Percussion (Village Pulse)

Fica Mal Com Deus (Truby Trio Treatment) by Rosalia de Souza
CD: Diva Brazil (Streetbeat)

Segment Two

Lagrimas Negras by Cuba L.A.
Iamagit by Telek
Sodewou by Maryam Mursal
Noche en el Sur by Jose Luis Encinas
CD: Global Transmissions: A World Music Sampler (Narada)

Segment Three

Canta Forte by Banda Maravilha With Paulo Flores
CD: An Afro-Portuguese Odyssey (Putumayo World Music)

Gan Ainm/Glin Cottage/The Balinafad Polka by The House Devils
CD: Irish Folk: Adieu to Old Ireland (ARC)

Playing Mahjong by Long-ge
CD: Blues Around the World (Putumayo World Music)

La Libelula by Mariana Montalvo
Album: Cantos del Alma (Putumayo World Music)

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