Saturday, September 23, 2023

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2319


Segment One

Lost in a Daydream by Fernando Perdomo
Digital Album: Aura (self-released)

Downhill Racer by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: The Private Music of Patrick O'Hearn (Private Music)

Grey Sunday by Lee Rosevere
Digital Album: All These Simple Things (self-released)

Reincarnation by John McLaughlin
CD: Que Alegria (Verve)

Whispers of Light by James Reynolds
CD: True North (Miramar)

Segment Two

Breathe by Ivan Torrent
Digital Album: Onyria (self-released)

Touchstone by Heidi Breyer
Digital Album: Letters From Far Away (self-released)

Robert Jordan by Aryeh Frankfurter
Digital Album: Tunes for Patrons (self-released)

Catwalk by Tangerine Dream
CD: Tyranny of Beauty (Miramar)

Equinox by Stephen Wake
Single: Equinox (self-released)


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