Sunday, January 2, 2022

Jazz and More 01-02-22

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Hour One Segment One

An Ocean of Time by Time Being
CD: An Ocean of Time (Spotted Peccary)

Song of the Whale, Part 1 by Tangerine Dream
CD: Underwater Sunlight (Relativity)

Hour One Segment Two

Apogee by Amy Shreve
LP: Peace in the Puzzle (Meadowlark)

The Twinkling of the Tea by Judith Pintar
CD: At Last the Wind (Sona Gaia)

The Poet by Cheryl All Fulton
CD: The Once and Future Harp (Gourd)

Hour One Segment Three

Song for a New Year by Josh Rzepka
CD: Midwest Coast (self-released)

Power Source by Ryan Kisor
CD: Power Source (Criss Cross)

Hour One Segment Four

Rockin' Chair by Ray Bryant
My One and Only Love by Joe Zawinul
CD: Atlantic Jazz: Keyboards (Rhino)

Hour Two Segment One

Straight Up and Down by Chick Corea
CD: Tones for Joan's Bones (Atlantic)

Windows by Gary Burton
CD: Like Minds (Stretch/Concord)

Hour Two Segment Two

Dream Dancing by Tim Green
CD: Jeannie's Song (OA2)

I'm Old Fashioned by DeAndre Lettsome
Digital Album: Impetus (Bold City)

Hour Two Segment Three

Pinnacle Wheel by Danny Heines
CD: Every Island (Silver Wave)

Twelve Three by Randy Roos
CD: Liquid Smoke (Narada)

Hour Two Segment Four

Chalice Well by Chris Michell
CD: Dolphin Love (World Disc)

Timeless Reunion by Eric Tingstad, Nancy Rumbel and Spencer Brewer
CD: Emerald (Narada)

Hour Three Segment One

30 Minutes From Masada by The Wayne Johnson Trio
CD: Spirit of the Dancer (Zebra)

Yolanda, You Learn by The Pat Metheny Group
CD: First Circle (ECM)

The Red One by John Scofield and Pat Metheny
CD: I Can See Your House From Here (Blue Note)

Hour Three Segment Two

Let's Fall in Love by Adrian Cunningham
CD: Jazz Speak (Arbors)

The Lamp is Low by Jacques Lesure
CD: For the Love of You (WJ3)

Lost in Aisle Seven by Frank Darmiento
CD: Sudden Impact (Summit)

Hour Three Segment Three

Bookenka by Ancient Future
CD: Asian Fusion (Narada)

To Russia by Coolangubra
CD: Coolangubra (Celestial Harmonies)

Hour Three Segment Four

Sir Dancelot's Dream by Ken Stover
The Tortoise, the Temple and the Rain (edit) by Don Harriss
CD: Cruisers 1.0 (Hearts of Space)

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