Saturday, June 12, 2021

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2115


Segment One

Just Want to Hear the Rain by Mark Pinkus
Digital Album: Unknown Faces (self-released)

The Pond by Billy McLaughlin
CD: Archery of Guitar (A Major Label)

Mirage by Kit Watkins
CD: Sunstruck (Linden)

Walking Thru Walls by Philip Aaberg
CD: Out of the Frame (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

June Bug by Oregon
CD: Roots in the Sky (Elektra)

Ethereal Rain by Diane Arkenstone
CD: Jewel in the Sun (Neo Pacifica)

Timeless by Ryan Michael Richards
Digital Album: More Than Time (self-released)

Future Perfect State by Spice Barons
CD: Future Perfect State (Silent)

Chanter's Tune by Shelley Philips and Friends
CD: The Fairie Round (Gourd)

Yearning by Shoshana Michel
Digital Album: Impressions (self-released)

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