Sunday, September 27, 2020

Jazz Progressions 2017


Segment One

Bracelets of Sound by Harry Beckett
Digital Album: Still Happy (My Only Desire)

Nettle Bed by The Soft Machine
CD: Seven (Columbia)

With Lady and Friend by Gilgamesh
CD: Arriving Twice (Cuneiform)

Segment Two

Distance to the Light by Dezolve
CD: Sphere (Vega)

Here and There by Dave Weckl
CD: Master Plan (GRP)

Bad Hair Day by Michael Manring
CD: Thonk! (Windham Hill)

Segment Three

Ride by Trio Rantama
Digital Album: Catch the Mystery Train (Eclipse)

Burnt Out by Max Walker
Digital Album: Stygia (self-released)

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