Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Lake Air 2008


Segment One

Fast Train by Brian Hughes
CD: Fast Train to a Quiet Place (Sylvan House)

Companions by David Arkenstone
CD: Spirit Wind (Windham Hill)

Make That Dream Come True by Fattburger
CD: Good News (Intima)

Night Time Lady by Kim Waters
CD: Sax Appeal (Warlock)

Segment Two

My Funny Valentine by Sherry Winston
CD: For Your Love (self-released)

Scotland by Hadley Hockensmith
CD: Heartsongs (Meadowlark)

Spiritus by Lorelei
CD: Spiritus (Soundings of the Planet)

Midnight Secrets by Jonathan Fritzen
CD: Love Birds (self-released)

Segment Three

Macondo by Ray Obiedo
CD: Sweet Summer Days (Windham Hill)

Flying Condor by Cusco
CD: 2000 (Higher Octave)

Adventures in Paradise by Tuck and Patti
CD: Summer Solstice 2 (Windham Hill)

Marisa's Song by Charles Michael Brotman
CD: Mango Cooler (Global Pacific)

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