Sunday, March 29, 2020

Jazz and More 03-29-20

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Hour One Segment One

Donna Lee by Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh
CD: Lee Konitz With Warne Marsh (Atlantic)

Quiet as It's Kept by Max Roach
CD: Quiet as It's Kept (Mercury)

Hour One Segment Two

Francesa by Ricardo Silveira
CD: Storyteller (Kokopelli)

Southern Passage by Jeff Linsky
CD: Passport to the Heart (Concord)

I'll Never Forget by Toninho Horta
CD: Moonstone (Verve)

Hour One Segment Three

Cycle Two: Trio by David Darling
CD: Cycles (ECM)

Upriver by Eugene Friesen
CD: The Song of Rivers (New England Town Media)

Early Morning Light by David Friesen and Uwe Kropinski
CD: Departure (Global Pacific)

Hour One Segment Four

Water Dance by Fumio
Digital Album: Atlantis, Vol. 1 (Audiosparx)

Oriental Water Garden by Malaysian Pale
CD: Nature's Fantasies (Fortuna)

Hour Two Segment One

Naima by The Billy Taylor Trio
CD: Thank You, John!: Our Tribute to John Coltrane (Arkadia)

Mr. P.C. by Tommy Flanagan
CD: Giant Steps: Remembering John Coltrane (Enja)

Impressions by McCoy Tyner
CD: Trident (Milestone/OJC)

Hour Two Segment Two

Visitor by Coronarias Dans
CD: Visitor (Steeplechase)

Can You Follow Me? by Scope
LP: Scope (Atlantic)

Homunculus by Passport
CD: Cross-Collateral (Atlantic)

Hour Two Segment Three

Acoustic Highway by Craig Chaquico
CD: Acoustic Highway (Higher Octave)

Sister Ritual by Scott Huckabay
CD: Peace Dance (Soundings of the Planet)

Hour Two Segment Four

Six Weeks, Part One by Dudley Moore
CD: Songs Without Words (GRP)

Star Gazer by David Lanz
CD: Heartsounds (Narada)

Lothlorien by Enya
CD: Shepherd Moons (Reprise)

Hour Three Segment One

Beijing by Michael Musillami
CD: The Young Child (Stash)

Christopher's Cheek by Inbar Fridman
CD: Time Quartet Project (Origin)

Hour Three Segment Two

Eye Factory by Chris Cheek
CD: Saturday Sounds (Sunnyside)

Beast of Komodo by Jan Garbarek
CD: Afric Pepperbird (ECM)

Hour Three Segment Three

P&L Line by Kenneth Nash
CD: Music From a Far Away Place (Music West)

Architects of Change by Spencer Nilsen
CD: Architects of Change (American Gramaphone)

Wishing Well by Schonherz and Scott
CD: One Night in Vienna (Windham Hill)

Hour Three Segment Four

Cycles by David Cullen
CD: The Collection (Solid Air)

Inner Movement by Ralf Illenberger
CD: Guitar Works (Narada)

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