Monday, August 26, 2019

Lake Air 1922


Segment One

An Evening in Dallas by Joe McBride
CD: A Gift for Tomorrow (101 South)

Red Cloud by Peter Buffett
CD: Yonnondio (Narada)

Silhouette by Randy Goodrum
CD: Solitary Nights (GRP)

Moraladi by Ratau Makhalemele
CD: Thabang (Atlantic)

Segment Two

Visions by Jeffrey Smith
CD: Pleasure of Love (self-released)

Blue Ridge by Bruce BecVar
CD: Take it to Heart (Shining Star)

Morning Girl by Sherry Winston Feat. Anthony Ogburn
CD: Love is... (Warlock)

Starlight Whispers by Nelson Rangell
CD: Nelson Rangell (GRP)

Segment Three

Orion by Steps Ahead
CD: Yin - Yang (NYC)

Living the Northern Summer by Jim Chappell
CD: Living the Northern Summer (Music West)

angel Leaving Town by Gregg Cagno
CD: Present Moment Days (self-released)

Night Rhythms by Lee Ritenour
CD: Festival (GRP)

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