Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jazz Progressions 1919


Segment One

Don't Know by Coronarias Dans
CD: Visitor (Steeplechase)

Donkey by Jaco Pastorius
CD: Jaco (Jazz Door)

Stratocruiser by Jack Dejohnette's Direcitons
LP: Cosmic Chicken (Prestige)

Segment Two

Talking With Himself by The Everyman Band
CD: Without Warning (ECM)

Samurai Hee-Haw by John Abercrombie
CD: John Abercrombie, Marc Johnson, Peter Erskine (ECM)

Segment Three

Song One by The JJ Motion
Digital Album: Trio (IIP-DDS)

New Paper by Ken Vandermark and Terrie Ex
Digital Album: Scaffolding (Terp)

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