Friday, March 16, 2018

Sounds From the Global Village 1807


Segment One

Hamaseyeh Tolou by Kayhan Kalhor
CD: Ghazal 1 (self-released)

Segment Two

Nyin Bimbi/Gadigi Nyian/Ngajan Gadigagi by Bama Muralug
CD: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Traditional Songs (Indigenous Australia)

Alla la Ke by Jeli Moussa Sissoko
CD: Ballake: Kora Music From Mali (Argile)

De Alicia by Jorge Strunz
CD: Neotropical Nocturnes (Selva)

Segment Three

Mondo Grande by Fiamma Fumana
CD: Onda (Omnium)

Ba Stakhanov by Unknown Artist
CD: Soviet Central Asia Music 1930-1950 (Musical Ark)

Yowa Mo Ina by Zainaba
CD Box Set: Africa: 50 Years of Music, 50 Years of Independence (Discograph)

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