Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sounds From the Global Village 1711


Segment One

Msgana by Deftene Belete Mengesh
Double CD: Ethiopian Urban and Tribal Music (Mindanoo Mistiru/Gold From Wax) (Sub Rosa)

Uluru: Monument to Time by Didgeridoo Dreaming
Double CD: Aboriginal Spiritual Music (Retro Music)

Longina by Soneros de Verdad
CD: Cuban Son Legends (Timba)

Segment Two

Raga Lalit by Roshan Ara Begum
CD: Timeless Music From Pakistan (Music Today)

Inchana Massina by Ali Farka Toure
CD: The Source (Hannibal)

Bergslagsjul by Triakel
CD: Vintervisor (Mono Music)

Segment Three

Clan Ronald/J.B.'s Reel/Paddy Mac's Reel/Kitty Sheain's by Altan
CD: Runaway Sunday (Virgin)

Mbiffe by Lokua Kanza
CD: Toyebi Te (Sunny Side)

Forever Friends by Flora Purim and Airto
Double CD: Wings of Imagination (Concord)

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