Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jazz Progressions 1707: Allan Holdsworth Tribute


Segment One

Hector's House by Ian Carr
Double CD: Solar Plexus/Belladonna (BGO)

Mr. Spock by The New Tony Williams Lifetime
CD: Believe It! (Columbia)

Night Illusion by Gong
CD: Gazeuse! (Virgin)

Segment Two

Gattox by Allan Holdsworth
CD: Velvet Darkness (Epic)

Where is One by Allan Holdsworth
CD: I.O.U. (Enigma)

Non Brewed Condiment by Allan Holdsworth
CD: Atavachron (Enigma)

Segment Three

Low Levels, High Stakes by Allan Holdsworth
CD: Hard Hat Area (Restless)

Good Morning, Mister Coffee by Jens and Anders Johanson and Allan Holdsworth
CD: Heavy Machinery (Shrapnel)

Protocosmos by Allan Holdsworth, Alan Pasqua, Jimmy Haslip and Chad Wackerman
Double CD: Blues for Tony (Moonjune)

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