Friday, April 1, 2016

Sounds From the Global Village 1610


Segment One

Kavana by Boubacar Traore
CD: Kar Kar (Stern's)

ABoneCroneDrone 5 by Sheila Chandra
CD: ABoneCroneDrone (Real World)

Linha do Horizonte by Azymuth
CD: Azymuth (Far Out Recordings)

Segment Two

Siempre di Domenica by Daniele Silvestri
CD: Euro Lounge (Putumayo World Music)

The Lady on the Island/The Gatehouse Maid/The Virginia/Callaghan's by Planxty
CD: After the Break (Tara)

Ayy (Extended Version) by Amara La Negra
CD: Musica Dominicana 2014

Segment Three

Morning by Poncho Sanchez
CD: Afro-Cuban Fantasy (Concord)

Tabla Solo by Ustad Tabib Hussain
CD: Music in the World of Islam 3: Reeds and Bagipies - Drums and Rhythms (Tangent)

Aitimani by Etran Finatawa
Double CD: The Rough Guide to Desert Blues (World Music Network)

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