Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Jazz Scene 1530


Segment One

Little Red's Fantasy by Dexter Gordon
LP: Homecoming Live at the Village Vanguard (Columbia)

L.S.T. by Daniel Schl├Ąppi and Marc Copland
CD: More Essentials (Catwalk)

Segment Two

The Marksman by Mark Whitfield
CD: The Marksman (Warner Brothers)

Look for the Silver Lining by Chet Baker
CD: Box Set: Chet Baker Sings: The Complete 1953-62 Vocal Studio Recordings (Valentine)

The Dude by Lem Winchester
CD: Winchester Special (Original Jazz Classics)

Segment Three

Plant Life by The Odean Pope Quartet
CD: To the Roach (CIMP)

I'm Beginning to See the Light by Cynthia Felton
CD: Come Sunday: The Music of Duke Ellington (Felton Entertainment)

Springville by Triosence
CD: Away for a While (Mons)

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