Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lake Air 1507


Segment One

The Rain Must Fall by Yanni
CD: Chameleon Days (Private Music)

One Quiet Night by Pat Metheny
CD: One Quiet Night (Warner Brothers)

Moody's Mood by George Benson
CD: Give Me the Night (Warner Brothers)

Midnight Motion by Kenny G
CD: Duotones (Arista)

Segment Two

South of Midnight by Rick Braun
CD: Full Stride (Atlantic)

Deacon Blues by Steely Dan
CD: Aja (MCA)

Parallel Realities by Roberto Perera
CD: Dreams and Desires (Heads Up)

Segment Three

Say No More by Ronny Jordan
CD: After 8 (Encorded)

Water Trade by Michael Whiteley
CD: Soul of the Machine (Windham Hill)

Wild Bird by Wendy Waldman
CD: Wendy Waldman (Warner Brothers)

Deja Vu by John Klemmer
CD: Magnificent Madness (Elektra)

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