Friday, December 26, 2014

Jazz Progressions 1416


Segment One

Bauhaus 2 by The Schlippenbach Trio
CD: Bauhaus Dessau (Intakt)

Sprung by Paul Bley, Evan Parker and Barre Phillips
CD: Time Will Tell (ECM)

Segment Three

Tall El Zaatar by Agora
CD: Agora 2 (Vinyl Magic)

Good Times Bad Times by Michal Urbaniak
CD: Fusion (Columbia)

Sled Sonca by Predmestje
CD: Brez Naslova (Atlantide)

Segment Three

Absolute Bearing by Fred Frith and Michel Doneda
CD: Fred Frith and Michel Doneda (Vand'Oeuvre)

Out of Their Heads (on Locoweed) by Fred Frith
CD: Guitar Solos (Eastside Digital)