Friday, January 17, 2014

Sounds From the Global Village Program 1402


Segment One

Dholi Devotional Song by Nanga Ram, Hira Ram
Huayno by Familia Rodriguez of Cuzco
Trance Ritual (Sezimary) by Zafitea and Dady
Wedding Music (Allanjeb) by Rasul and Kalim
Wooden Slit Drum Ensemble (Thunder) by Ishmael Irisitapa'a

Segment Two

Jews Harp Solo (Temee Teshee) by Gonbdash
Women's Call and Response Song (Lilombola Song) by Women of Kalukango Village
Funeral Music (Hallot-Kisero) by Musicians From Mezoseg Region, Carpathian Mountains
Marimba Music (Caramba) by Tierra Caliente
Ceremonial Dance (Kbunse: Observance at the Royal Palace) by Villagers of Bamessing
Dance Percussion Ensemble (Rhythmic Variation for Ote'a) by Anonymous

Segment Three

Sitar Solo (Chitrali Sitar Solo) by Zaman
Women's Choir Hymn (Shen Khar Ven Akhi) by Music Academy Women's Choir
Jegag Ensemble (Jalak Putih) by I Nyoman Jyus' Bamboo Ensemble
Nubian Love Song (Nubian Girl) by Izzat Hajar and Muhammad 'Abd Al-Majid
Medicine Society Song (Yilipogomela...) by Sii'ta Mabushi Ng'wana Mhogota
 Minstrel Song (Ashuk Song) by Anomymous
Gong and Xylophone Music (Sudsahoun) by Bangkok Metropolitan Ensemble

All selections from the CD Globe Trot: A 20 Track Sampler (Multicultural Media)

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